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2020   Moray School of Art UHI - BA Hons Fine Art (First Class)

2012  Bridgehouse Art, Ullapool: Portfolio Course

Becs Boyd graduated from Moray School of Art in 2020 and is an artist and ecologist on the Black Isle. Her painting and sculpture often challenge narratives of human control and anthropocentrism, embracing human vulnerability in an uncertain and interconnected world. She won the New Highland Contemporary 4 award and has exhibited widely, including a solo show on Art North’s Projectroom 2020 and recent work selected for the Society of Scottish Artists. She received a Visual Artist and Craft Makers Award 2021-22.

  bubbles of time and space



           time as matter         TOUCH - A PRECIOUS AND A DANGEROUS THING

                                 myriad coexisting timescales          you can't make a conscious robot

                                                                                          MANY KINDS OF SEPARATION

the spaces we don't control                                                                            Listening                                    creative engagement - co-creation                 disrupting the human prism                                            Whatever happens happens...

We can't help being 'ecological' - made of the same stuff and working to the same rhythms as everything else on the planet.  What philosopher Timothy Morton describes as ‘the actually rather boring (and definitely anthropocentric) idea that the world is exactly how humans make it’ makes no sense in a material, unpredictable world. But what happens as virtual and visual modes take over from more complex sensory engagement? What happens when touch becomes a dangerous thing? What happens when isolation and fear spotlight human vulnerability and loss of control? I am interested in uncertainty, politics, poetry, in the 'wild' within and without, in multiple temporalities and in the spaces we don't control. The Anthropocene challenges us to stay awake and keep listening.

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